• BA 2017
  • UCSB Environmental Studies
  • PhD Student
  • Anthropology
  • UCSB
Infrastructure; Feminist Political Ecology; Green Markets; Energy Justice; Space Production
  • Research Professor
  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Urban studies; political ecology; social metabolism; climate change; Mexico

  • M.A. student
  • University of Copenhagen

Political ecology; history; economic anthropology; ownership; conflict and cooperation; disasters; hope

  • B.A. Student
  • Anthropology
  • UCSB

Water Management; Healthcare Policy and Reform; Population Health; Infrastructure

  • PhD Student
  • Anthropology
  • UCSB

Political Ecology, Environmental Justice, Indigenous Rights, Energy and Water Infrastructure, Colonialism and Modernization, Resistance Movements

  • Assistant Professor
  • School of Politics and Global Studies
  • Arizona State University

American Politics, Identity, Latino Politics, Immigration, U.S. Racial and Ethnic Politics, Public Opinion and Political Behavior

  • Anthropology Department
  • UCSB


Ph.D. Research Project: "Racism, the state, and agricultural industry. Labour exploitation in northwest Mexico"

Farm wage labour is a precarious work. In Mexico, the academic discussion of the conditions of farmworkers has been in terms of labor policies, human rights, class, vulnerability, health, and gender. In contrast, this research argues that racism is a fundamental element to understand how labour exploitation in agribusiness is legitimized by the state. In this respect, the central question of the project is How the Mexican state categorizes and controls its populations to develop agricultural industries? This study aims to produce an ethnography of the state in northwest Mexico, seeing the administration and execution of public policies involving farmworkers within of international agribusiness projects.

  • Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
  • Geneva
  • Department of Social Anthropology and Cultural Studies
  • University of Zurich

Water; Information and Media; Development; Political Culture