The Walsh Water Group conducts comparative anthropological and historical research on the social use and management of water, with the goal of understanding and addressing the crises of scarcity and contamination that confront humans around the world today.  The Group employs a critical, creative, ethnographic method in dealing with these intractable problems.  We take a holistic perspective, integrating discussions of infrastructure, political economy, and culture in order to shed light on long-term trends in water systems across scales.


Corbin Entz conducts a radio interview on the Garagiste Show, 92.5 The Krush, in Paso Robles.

“Knowing the underground: collaborative research on emergent oil and water politics in central California”   Casey Walsh, Javiera Barandiarán and Tristan Partridge are collaborating on a pilot project to analyze the social dimensions of water and oil extraction in North Santa Barbara County.

Walsh was awarded Proposition 1 funding to carry out a water needs assessment of the Cuyama Valley. 

Virtuous Waters is the first study of mineral waters and bathing in Mexico. It traces...